Enrico from ‘Suomi’: Finnish people aren’t alcoholic

Do you want to know more about different cultures? Learn from the locals! Just few simple questions [who are you? where do you come from? what is the dumbest stereotype of your country? and what is your dream destination?] will let you experience different cultures through the eyes of the internationals!

Enjoy BRIEF interviews in International guest room! 😉

Guest N°1 – Enrico from Finland


My name is Enrico and I come from a town/city called Kerava in Finland, but I’m currently studying “Digital Arts and Entertainment” in Kortrijk, Belgium.

My favourite place in Finland probably has to be my cottage/summer home in the middle of a forest next to a big lake. Since it is an easy and close escape from the hectic city life. Plus I really enjoy the peacefulness and the nature that it has to offer.

An interesting stereotype of finnish people is that we are all alcoholics considering in Europe we are only mid-way up the list of alcohol consumption.

I would say that my dream destination would have to be Japan since I have always been interested and liked their culture.

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One thought on “Enrico from ‘Suomi’: Finnish people aren’t alcoholic

  1. haha! as a foreigner who lived in Finland I think that this stereotype comes from the way Finns enjoy parties. it is not alcoholism, it ‘s just having fun with a lot of alcohol : D as our teacher said to us (it was one of the first days there): “be careful drinking with Finns” : ))


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