Sweet IN Rīga


Well, it’s a shame that I visited Riga only when I’m close to becoming 22… Why? Because it is just TOO close to Lithuania! So, now I’m going to tell you a story about the capital of Latvia and why it was so sweet for me…

Meeting friends you haven’t seen in a while is always a great experience. The moment you greet them, you are so happy that you could keep them wrapped in your arms forever! Even though you just shyly hug them and try to find the best words to say, but you just can’t do it… This is exactly how I felt when I met my two ‘Erasmus’ friends – mexican guy Saul and Matīss from Latvia. And this is the first and the MOST important reason, why visiting Rīga was so sweet for me!


Another reason is a lot more straightforward. I just ate too much sugary, colorful, chocolate, syrupy and delicious food… [By the way – I regret nothing.] And it was so good! First it was Kārums curd snacks for breakfast, then very delicious salad with blue cheese and dried sugary cranberries, then in the evening I tried home made apple pie… But the best COMPLETELY the best was chocolate cake experience. I can proudly announce that chocolate desert I ate in Art cafe Sienna, was the best in my life… [This is pretty weird, because I spent one semester in Belgium which is the capital of chocolate in the world] And yes, in my opinion, this cafe is a must visit place in Baltics overall! What is more, I also had the biggest FAIL about deserts in my life. See these wonderfully looking doughnuts at the bottom of this post? They look amazing, aren’t they? And yes, they should have tasted amazing too… I bought them but forgot to take out of my friends fridge before I left ;( . It still makes me sad… BUT next time in Rīga, I’m definitely eating them!



And last but not least about sweet things – I was surprised to see how beautiful the city of Rīga is. I mean, I never thought that it’s ugly… 😀 But still, it was better than I expected. Medieval architecture, narrow streets, neo-gothic buildings, funny roosters on top of lutheran churches… And especially – Art Nouveau district. I wasn’t aware that it exists in Latvia.

Sweet sweet sweet.

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