in Zürich

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Seductive  night life, people from all around the globe  and a cozy old town surrounded by Alps  and an incredible lake… Zürich is great! So great it’s terrific. And I wish to invite you for a little (or not so little) trip in here!

2 days, a long weekend or even a year? No worries, I got you covered!


Who’s me?

Hey fella! My name is Justina and I’m a Lithuanian expat living in Zürich… Get to know me better

Why Zürich?

So dark, powerful and hip. And somehow utterly exciting and… beautiful! .. Find out more

Why hipster?

Credibility and creativity, traveling, music, friends and time alone… Be curious!


BTW. Thanks for being here with me

Start your own story in Zürich now!

It’s gonna be #amäfffffing